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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Someone can give a litgh? - Field Type

    Hi Everybody,

    In a table thereīs a field for store real values, the database, using the SQL Server Enterprise Manager
    and execute query as 'select * from' and it return the value
    '15,35' just like stored before, why using Delphi via an ADO conection
    in my result set there is a '15,3500003814697' value if in the record time
    the inputed value was '15,35'?
    What I have doing wrong?
    Thanks for attention

    Leonardo Almeida

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    Welcome form the Brazil, It appears that your result are being converted in Delphi via an ADO conection. I dont think this is a SQL problem but this can be handle on both software end. If your results are what your looking for to be the same. I would look into what the conversion process is with Delphi via an ADO conection. Or if you want it hard codet in SQL change the field format. Not a serman, Just a thought.

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    Floating point numbers are like that. I'd recommend that you switch to the decimal datatype instead.


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