I am attempting to use the odd/even functions on a form eg =even([controlfield1]*[controlfield2]), whereby the result of the multiplication will be rounded up to the next even number.

In attempting this I get the ?#Name error, and a reference to the msowcf.dll perhaps not being installed or available.

The .dll file is on the drive, in the appropriate location and shows a size of approx 240k.

The development has taken place on the one machine, so I don't need to worry about different systems/updates/dll mismatches (hopefully).

I have undertaken regsvr msowcf.dll but have encountered loadfile(fname) error - can't find the file.

I have repaired access from disk (not a complete reinstall), to no avail.

I have checked the tools-references and made ado library is in place etc - but still no luck.

Can anyone help?