I have 2 sub reports in the footer of my main report. I have a textbox in subreport1 with the calculation =[Text12]/Reports!Report2![Finanaces query].Report!Text2

Text12 is in Subreport1
Text2 is in subreport2
These reports are not linked.

The outcome is correct on the 1st record but there are 3 records that follow that are incorrect.

Problem: The calculation is only using the first record from subreport2 to calculatate against. How do I program it to calculate with each corresponding DC?


From Subreport1
DC1 (text12)10 (Result)1.66
DC2 (text12)9 (Result)1.5
DC3 (text12)8 (Result)1.33
DC4 (text12)7 (Result)1.16

From Subreport2
DC1 (text2)6
DC2 (text2)5
DC3 (text2)4
DC4 (text2)3