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    Question Unanswered: Lost My MDW files


    After a server break down, I manage to retreive my database but not the mdw file.

    How can I rebuilt a mdw file to be able to open my database.


    Carly Darbouze

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    Did you write down or print out the usernames and passwords and all the ID's when it told you to? If you dont have any of that information you probably cant retrieve the database... unless you have a back up of the .mdw somewhere, I am assuming you dont. If you are interested in backing up your server computer using an automated back up system please email me at

    If you do have a written/printed copy of what the .mdw was then I can tell you how to recreate. Otherwise you may want to spend sometime on google trying to see if there is a program that can analize a .mdb to recreate a .mdw.

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    Lost my MDM files

    Thank for the answer

    Carly Darbouze

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