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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure woes

    Hi All,

    Overview: I am trying to automate remote admin on a db. I have a dev db where tables are added/altered etc. I need to sync the structures. So I create a text file with the templated structure and load that to a table. I then want to run a sql query to load another table with the current stucture, compare them and generate the appropriate sql (ceate table, alter table) to duplicate the structure...

    I am to write a stored procedure where I load a file via Bulk Insert(ok there), then I am trying to run a query that returns a bunch of records and I am not sure how to handle the resultset. I need some pointers on how to move thru the resultset...

    If someone knows of a good tutorial with this type of functionality, could you point me to it?



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    sound interesting, but you didnt really address the issue point. What is the difficulty you are facing right now?

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    It sounds like you are talking about two completely different things here, but who knows. For the first part of your post, would something like this help you?
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