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    Question Unanswered: PostgreSQL's scalability????

    Hi guys,

    I'm working for a big company who chose to go for Open Source solutions.
    I've chosen to use PostgreSQL as backend and PHP as frontend, but I worry about scalability! Is there any place where I can find good info on PostqreSQL's scalability?

    Success stories, case studies, etc...

    Anybody has had success in clustering postgreSQL using Mosix? Mosix is a Linux kernel patch that makes networked Linux machines behave like a single SMP machine, but wether the applications actually benefit from it depends on how the application: applications that do use shared memory for example won't benefit from Mosix. Applications that are programmed using a "shared nothing" architecture will most likely benefit from Mosix. So one of my questions is: does PostgreSQL use a "shared nothing architecture"????

    And another question I have concerns replication and data partitioning... I've read that C-JDBC is to databases what RAID is for harddisks. Sounds great because it's totally transparent to the database and to the users, but I can't connect to C-JDBC using PHP Perhaps it's better to use JSP instead but perhaps JSP has it's own set of disadvantages???? Any suggestions here? (I could use a ODBC to C-JDBC bridge, but I'd prefer to avoid that kind of workarounds...)

    I'm getting a bit confused here: any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Particularly all (any) specific info on building and clustering business critical applications using Open Source technology (what OS to choose, DBMS, the best server side scripting languages, what clustering architecture, etc...).

    On top of that, it would be nice somebody could point me to a list of all future features that are planned to be implemented in future releases of PostgreSQL.

    Sorry if parts of this post are off topic, but I really wouldn't know where else to begin...

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    see thread above
    maybe this helps you
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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    Thanx, drbd is indeed interesting! I'm checking it out right now, together with the above post.

    Still, if anybody has more info on success stories / implementations of architectures, you're welcome send them to me
    'cause I got a LOT to learn about clustering in general

    Thanx again for the fast reply.

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