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    Unanswered: sqluimpr/sqluexpr but with Java

    importing/exporting APIs ought to be available via Java (JDBC)...

    It seems odd with decent Java support for most database managers that DB2 does not provide similar sqluimpr/sqluexpr API utilities in any other language than C. More so given the popularity of JDBC.

    I written an Ant XML based document that connects XML tags to Java JDBC functions to open a connection, import/export data, and close a connection. Currently, I parse only DEL ascii files with a CSV parser and perform either inserts or updates to simulate importing. It would be great if DB2 provides a simple API from JDBC connection/statement constructs for importing data from all three supported formats (del, ixf, and asc).

    I realize that the XML Extender utilities are intended to handle import/export cases. However, creating DAD documents for every table in a database is not the most attractive solution to importing/exporting data. It is rather easy to pull data via rec2xml commands but an admin hassel to put back the data into a mirror table.

    Any suggestions? - Matthew Young

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    Yes. FIrst let me explain why. IMPORT and EXPORT are NOT SQL. They are DB2 commands. That is why they cannot be executed with the JDBC standard. There is a way to perform any DB2 command through Java though.
    Take a look at the sample code provided by IBM:
    especially the one.

    This is what you are basically doing.
    1) open a DB2 command window
    2) execute the java app in this window
    3) the Java app spawns child processes that do the Db2 commands



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    JDBC support for transforming XML

    andy, i realize that import/export are DB2 utilities however IBM extended them via a C API and I still find it odd that an extension what not made for Java.

    the solution to refer to is not usuable. the reason i mentioned JDBC in the first place is because remote drivers enable non-local calls. the runstats Java example simply kicks off Unix based db2 commands.

    somebody has to have thought of integrating XML and JDBC before for import/export tasks. there is db2xml freeware however it doesn't not reuse pre-made JDBCConnection objects as inparameters to ResultSet parsing. major drawback.


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