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    Question Unanswered: Problem using another language Office XP

    I'm currently experiencing a strange problem which i can't explain other then that it might be caused bij using Office XP in another language.

    I've created an Access application on a machine with the following configuration:
    XP professional (Dutch)
    Office XP pro (Dutch) service pack 2
    It works like a dream, no problem at all.

    I've copied the MDB file to another machine:
    XP professional (English)
    Office XP pro (English) service pack 2

    As soon as i requery a form after changing data (deleting & adding) records i get the error: Rubtime Error '3420' , Object invalid or no longer set.

    While debugging a messagebox keeps popping up every few minutes with 'object invalid or no longer set'. Even when I stop debugging the message keeps popping up. I have to close the database to stop this form happening.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here?


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    If the only thing that's changing is the environment, then it's probably the environment. Although Microsoft claims cross platform compatibility, I've not always found that to be the case.

    It's a long shot, but check the references in both environments. When moving the file to the new environment, the assumption is that the references (which are supposed to be implicit) can find the new objects to match to in the registry. If this is not the case, the resulting error often refers to the Object being not set or invalid, etc.

    I discovered this by jumping Office versions. A file was setup using Office 97 (version 8) objects. Office 2000 users (version 9) could open the file as well, but as soon as an Office XP user opened the file, Access rerouted the references to Office version 10. That worked fine, until one of the earlier version users tried to open it. The error was "Object invalid or not set" and the error persists as you move around because if one reference is invalid it can screw up everything else.

    Good luck.

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    I've made sure the settings in both access environments are the same.
    I'm not sure what setting in the OS I could change.
    In can't be about rights to the file system (I can create and save new Tables & Query).
    Does anyone know of some 'hidden' environment setting which could cause the problem.

    BTW If this sounds desparate, i'm sorry, but I am getting desperate trying to get this system up and running

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    i had something similar that drove me mad for a while. A errored out when i tried to talk to form footers/headers/detail...

    ...until i discovered that my French A-setup was naming detail as détail etc etc. stuff worked fine on my french machine and died on my users' english machines.

    looks like you have a similar stupid naming issue: check everything that A names automatically (or make it a rule to always overwrite A's default names for things - which i now do).

    if you can, switch your setup to the language settings of your users: the error will be obvious.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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