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    Question Unanswered: Invalid operator for data type

    I am getting the following error message when I try to put the datetime between strings

    Invalid operator for data type. Operator equals boolean AND, type equals datetime.

    The code is:

    INSERT INTO AdminAlerts values (CURRENT_USER, 'INSERT', getDate(), @biui, 'Booked room number ' & @rn & ' on ' & @gd & ', Customer ID: ' & @ci & ' and Booking ID: ' & @biui)

    @gd is where the error is, it is a datetime.
    Anyone knows whats wrong?

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    The word INSERT is a reserved word, yet you are using it within your insert statement itself, likely this is causing the error.

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    Assuming that your INSERT is intended to run in MySQL instead of another tool such as MS-Access, I think you want to use the Concat() function instead of the & operator.


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