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    Unanswered: Recover database from DBF files


    I need your precious help on something.
    We had Oracle 9 running in one of our machines.
    There was a hardware failure and we cannot boot anymore.
    We managed and recovered all the Oracle directory from the hard disk, together of course with the related *.DBF files for the database that we are interested in. Let's say that the database we need was named ATEST.
    How can we transfer the database ATEST that we had on the broken machine to another machine that has Oracle 9 installed and see our data there?


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    If you have your control files, redo logs, init.ora, and datafiles, it shouldn't be to hard to move everything to a new box.
    First you will need to ensure that the box is the same OS/patchset.
    After that, install a fresh copy of Oracle.
    Copy all your files to the proper locations.
    Then recreate the SID using the ORADIM command.
    You should then be able to start up your database.

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    Thanks for the tips, this has been very helpful to me.

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    More tips:

    • To recover from dbf files, follow same instructions as for "duplicating" a database.
    • If you do not have exact same oracle version, but higher version 9, you can "startup upgrade" and execute the catalog scripts.
    • If you only have version 10g, you could still recover by simulating an upgrade.

    PS: Always keep a backup of original files.
    Good luck!
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