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    Unanswered: synchronous replication

    If someone is onterested in clustering / synchronous replication
    this link could be useful

    cross database actions
    After many questions about cross database actions I created this thread.

    In the source there is a programm in contrib called dblink

    with this it is possible todo crossdatabase interactions
    After I have seen so much questions about indexing here is a small FAQ

    1. workaround:
    set seq_scan=off;
    set seq_scan=on;

    planer is forced to use indices.

    2. always write SELECTS like this

    SELECT x,y FROM T_table WHERE x='7' AND y='get it';

    always make single quotes. The planer can work better with single quotes.
    Some internal things are getting better with that. Does not remember the whole story, but it is working.
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    The new verion of pgpool, yet another open source replication software
    for PostgreSQL is now in RC1:

    pgpool is a single master/query based/synchronous replication
    server. It acts as a proxy server between PostgreSQL client and
    PostgreSQL server. No application change is needed to use pgpool.
    pgpool's features include:

    o connection pooling. This will reduce the connection establishing

    o pre-forking child processes. Like Apache, pgpool pre-forks child
    processes to provide faster service startup.

    o degeneration. In the replication mode, if one of PostgreSQL goes
    down, it detaches the broken server and continues operation with the
    surviving server.

    o fail over. In the connection pool server mode, if master PostgreSQL
    goes down, it detaches the broken server and continues operation
    with the stand-by server.

    In addtion to above, 2.0 supports native V3 protocol which should make
    pgpool faster if used with PostgreSQL 7.4 or later.

    Also, now pgpool supports the load balancing between master/secondary
    PostgreSQL backends to gain better performace for SELECT statement.
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