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    Unanswered: Table fragmentation performance probs

    A table with huge number of data was accessed continuosly causing a performance problem so I copied the data into another table and dropped the original one recreated it and copied bcak the data.
    Is there something I ma missing out.
    I think i need to do some fragmentation but I have never done this before can anybody help me?

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    Ready, Fire, Aim

    >Is there something I ma missing out?
    Yes, you are missing verifiable facts.
    1) enable SQL_TRACE for those queries which are running slow
    2) Use TKPROF to process the resultant trace files & create EXPLAIN_PLAN
    3) Review the output from TKPROF to actually see with 100 certainty where the time is being spent and then re-write the SQL
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    As anacedent says ... You need to understand the path the queries are taking... You may find that you don't have the table properly indexed ... If you are runing CBO then have you updated the statistics ???
    If the queries are doing a sort of the most of the table, you are possibly having a problem with the sort_area_size -vs- temporary_tablespace default next extent size.... etc ...

    bottom line ... know how the data is being ACCESSED ... Then deal with the problems ...


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