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    Unanswered: Cache Management

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to launch a SQL request without any cache management? (I don't want to disable the cache for all requests!)

    is it possible to disable the cache only for a request or a user session?

    PS: In fact, I try to compare 2 stored procedure performance but with the cache when I launch the procedure more than once the result is optimized by the cache management. That prevent me to measure the real performance of the request.

    Thank you.

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    You don't have a choice. Sybase brings any and all requests into the LRU-MRU chain in your cache.

    So the answer is NO, you can't bypass cache management completely.

    However, what you can say is, the io buffer pools that can be used. You can perform testing in which bufferpool suits best.

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    You can attach your Sp into a specific cache (e.g. including one uniue 2K buffer pool)

    Then, you can execute your Sp twice and compare the both 2nd results (with data in cache)
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    What I understand for your question is that:

    You want to test the performance of stored procedures and you want to read the data from disk every time you run the stored procedure then you could bind and unbind the objects (in your case the tables involved in the stored procedure) to the named cash. This makes Sybase to read the data from the disk.

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