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    Database Job Offer

    Allo there,
    My company dealing with consultancy is
    offering a part-time job for any of u who is
    interested in working through on-line.

    You will basically have to design the work (database
    related) and submit to me within a given dateline. The
    pay is quite substantial and we'll pay you through
    PAYPAL or credit card (whichever u like).

    If you are interested, pls reply to this email address
    and I'll send you a trial test pack to try.

    P/s This is not a hoax
    Thank you,
    Jonathan Briggs

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    DB Job



    What database are you planning on using for the project? What country
    is this job located in? Could the payments be spread across project milestones as each work phase is completed? Is your company registered
    with the Better Business Bureau? I need some identification verification.


    Eddie, 7th year Oracle DBA

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