Can someone explain why the $displayResults will not query twice?

Scripts Objective:
to take a car's VIN retrieve the car info and display in nice rows

Issue with Script:
The while loop displays the first car's information fine but on the second loop it will does not run the query for $displayResults, all though the $queryDisplayResults does change the car's Vehicle ID Number

What am I not doing right?

while ($row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($searchMatches))
$queryDisplayResults = "select userautoconnect.varAutoID, carinfo.varYear, carinfo.varModel, carinfo.intMakeID, carinfo.intPrice, carinfo.intMileage, autodescription.blobDescription FROM carinfo, autodescription, userautoconnect WHERE ". $row1['varAutoID']." = userautoconnect.varAutoID && userautoconnect.varAutoID = carinfo.varAutoID && userautoconnect.varAutoID = autodescription.varAutoID";

$displayResults = mysql_query($queryDisplayResults);

$displayMatchesX10 = mysql_num_rows($displayResults);

$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($displayResults);

//|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Declare variable to print Car maker ||||||||||||||||||||
$make = $row['intMakeID'];
$carMaker = getCarDefinition('definitioncar', 'intMakeID', $make);

echo " <A HREF= moreInfo.php?vin=".$row['varAutoID'].">";
echo "<tr VALIGN='top' bgcolor='#F5F5F7' style='cursor:hand'; onmouseOver= this.bgColor='#F0EF3C'; onmouseOut=this.bgColor='#F5F5F7'; >";

echo "<TD WIDTH='50px' HEIGHT= '30px' ALIGN='center'>";

echo "<P CLASS=searchResultsHeadings>Photo</P>";

echo "</TD>";
echo "<TD WIDTH='50px' ALIGN='center'>";

echo $row['varYear'];
echo "</TD>";

echo " <TD WIDTH='241px' ALIGN='center'>";
echo $carMaker."&nbsp;&nbsp;". $row['varModel'];
echo "</TD>";

echo "<TD WIDTH='60px' ALIGN='center'>";
echo $row['intMileage'];
echo "</TD>";

echo "<TD WIDTH='60px' ALIGN='center'>";
echo $row['intPrice'];

echo " </TD>";
echo "</TR></A> ";