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    Unanswered: Can Crystal Do this?

    This what I need to do (all when user clicks the desired fields): Have a web interface with pull-down menus to choose certian test case criteria and query a database with it, convert the datainto meaningful charts, and add some text, and output the generated report, and make it so that it can also be exported to a word doc. Can Crystal reports do this or is there another, better report generation program? I have read a little about VB and is that how you would automated it? Thanks for your time,

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    In Short ....YES you can do this

    Long answer ... In Visual Studio.Net you can set up queries against your DB using Crystal Report to return the data sets
    You build your backend in VS and then have CR provide the details on your webpage. The only thing is that you would then have the data set come out in a CR rpt instead of .doc

    Hope this answers the basic Yes/No portion of your question


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