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    Unanswered: onbar backup with Legato Networker +

    Currently, we can have manual backup of our informix instance with "onbar -b -w -L 0" on the command line and onbar sends the backup data to legato.

    Our problem is, if we want to start the backup from networker server, it doesn't work. It gives XBSA BSAObjestCrate error and fails.

    Has anybody got this experience?

    My concern is, You can not tell Legato to take a whole-system backup. You can say take a full backup. and it uses "onbar -d -L 0'. Maybe, the problem is not being able to use "-w" option via Legato. What do you say?

    Informix 9.21, LTAPEDEV=/dev/null


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    Suggest tune LTAPEDEV=/dev/null to no /dev/null and ALARMPROGRAM to

    The backup from networker server is failur,Check Informix environment variable of current informix system
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    The networker server fires a shell script (or .bat file if NT). It's been a while since I looked at one, but I remember having to "fix" the sample one shipped with the Legato product.
    Fred Prose

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