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    Question Unanswered: How do I count the number of records in a form filter.

    In VBA how to I get the updated record count value when a filter is applied in a form?

    I'm sure this is probably the simplest thing to do in Access but I sure can't find out how to do it. The Record Navigator that appears in the lower left of any Access form will report x records of 'total records'. When a filter is applied this changes to reflect the result of the filter. There must be a property buried somewhere in the form that has this value but I can't find it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dennis Geasan

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    Place an unbound text box on your form and for its data soure


    NameNumber is the ID field I use. In other words pick a field where every record will have an entry.


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    Doesn't work when a form filter is applied. I get the total number of records in the recordset, not the number of records being displayed in the form filter. Thanks for the reply.


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