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    Unanswered: SQL Loader problem....SQL*Loader-128

    I try to load some data into a table with SQL Loader but I can't do it.

    1) Creation of a fictive table in the schema HR :

    create TABLE register
    tx_type CHAR(15),
    acct NUMBER,
    amt NUMBER

    2) The control file (Control_File.txt):

    INFILE 'data.txt'
    INTO TABLE register
    tx_type POSITION(1:10),
    acct POSITION(13:17),
    amt POSITION(20:24) ":amt/100"

    3) The data file (data.txt):

    DEPOSIT 10015 10073
    DEPOSIT 10020 7525
    WITHDRAWAL 10015 2000

    4) The order:

    sqlldr HR/HR04 control=Control_File.txt

    I receive this message :

    SQL*Loader-128: unable to begin a session
    ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

    I verified my username/password HR/HR04 and I can log into my database HR without problem and I can select my (empty) table "register".

    What's the problem? Need I to configure the database for this treatment (Like in Sybase to enable the BCP) ? I search in the web to have an explanation of the code error SQL*Loader-128 but I found nothing....I am very frustrating...

    Thank you for your help

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    I have some steps for u..hope it might work for u.

    Are you sure you are execuring the command which is indicated by u in ur post...?

    Are u nit using any other parameter with the sqlldr command..Like resumable or direct etc.

    Try keeping the username & password inside quote like 'HR/HR04' & then just try like this...
    sqlldr "'HR/HR04' control=Control_File.txt"

    What is your OS on which u r running oracle database. If it is on Unix, you might even check the permission of the direcotry $OH/bin/Oracle. It shoudl be "-rwsr-s--x" (6751).
    - KR

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    It works....


    Thank you for your response..... Everything work now.... I am studying Oracle in my PC (XP) and sometime I have some problem with the instruction in the Oracle University Book and Cybex book....

    Thank you so much.

    Have a good day.

    Eric Willer

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