Hi, i have configured a merge publication with two push subscription. Yesterday I try to delete the subscriptions and publication and i get this error:

error: 207 invalid column name 'enableid_for_syncmgr'.

After that, I try to disable the merge publishing in the database in enterprise manager that has the publication, and it displays the same error.

Today I found that the database is not allowed to merge publication and the snapshot and subscriptions are failed displaying this errors:

The snapshot agent:
The 'dbname' database is not published for merge replication.
(Source: dbname (SQL-DMO); Error number: 21147)

The subscriptions:
Publication 'publicationname' does not exist.
(Source: Merge Replication Provider (Agent); Error number: -2147201022)
The publication 'publicationname' does not exist.
(Source: servername (Data source); Error number: 20026)

If I try to delete the publication today it displays this error:

Error: 21776. The name 'publicationname' was not found in the mergepublications collation...

I need to delete this publication because I will not use it any more. No body could make some changes just me.

I'll appreciate a lot for your help.

Thanks a lot.