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    Pls if someone can compile me this program and check if it works since i need to send it now to a company because i don't have a compiler at home . I would be grateful

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    // For examle the user is to enter an integer

    main() {

    int sum=0;
    int number;
    int i;
    int mask=1;

    printf("Please enter an integer\n");
    scanf("%d", number);

    for (i=0; i< sizeof(int); i++) {
    if ( number & mask ) sum++;
    mask << 1;

    printf("The number of ones in %d is %d", number, sum);


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    You really need to take this one into school and try it yourself. There are two minor syntax errors, one logic error, and one just plain old boo-boo. You've got the right idea though!


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