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    Unanswered: about easerver???

    hi,i cannot reach links as followings:
    can you give me a hand ?if yes,open the links above ,and return it's contentes
    thanks in advance...........

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    You have to connect to

    Problem Description:
    PowerBuilder 8.0 Service Component on EAServer 4.1, errors in EAServer log file while starting the service:
    Exception 'CosNaming::NamingContext::NotFound' in Session::lookup for component 'CtsComponents/ThreadManager' and SystemException: OBJECT_NOT_EXIST (Session/lookup - <system>@

    Key Words: EAServer component

    Tip or Workaround:
    Remove the intercomponents calls from the start() method of service component, create new (of_start()) method for all intercomponents call and call new (of_start()) method in the run() of service components.

    Change the EAServer '' property from 'run' (default) to 'start' if there are intercomponent calls in start() of service component. Please see 'EAServer System Administration Guide' manual for setting the server properties:

    Resolutions: documentation parameter

    Other Sources Related to Issue(Type - Location):

    Case Number - 41046880 10835761

    Manual -


    Problem Description:
    PowerBuilder 8 DLL "pbjag80.dll" is not being found by EA Server. PowerBuilder 8 support is installed and the DLL is in the shared directory
    Key Words: EAServer pbjag80.dll

    Tip or Workaround:
    1) In your environment settings, the JAGUAR variable should point to the parent directory of EAServer 4.1 installation. For Example :

    Jaguar should be set to c:\Program Files\Sybases\EAServer 4.1

    2) Your system path must contain %JAGUAR%\bin;%JAGUAR%\dll; These entries should also be in path in registry. The location is mentioned below.
    It is suggested to give the full path rather than using %JAGUAR%

    3) Your service name and the servername should match exactly

    4) While running EAServer as Service, Check the BOOTCLASSPATH, CLASSPATH and PATH in the following place in registry and match with the serverstart.bat file.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Jaguar\Parameters

    You will see in registry that the Bootclasspath and classpath are getting truncated. This is a bug in EAServer 4.1 installing as a service in Windows 2000 machine. This problem is caused by CR# 276151.

    See tips mentioned above.
    Resolutions: --Select the Resolution -- configuration environment variables

    Problem Description:
    Client running EAServer 4.1 on Windows 2000 SP2 and getting error with liscense service (SySam). SYSAM does not start up and despite having correct license.dat, Jaguar deafults to Small Buissness Edition.
    Key Words: ClassLoader Classes EA Server EA Studio Repository

    Tip or Workaround:
    Not Available

    Review of CIMRepository.log shows following errors:

    log4j:ERROR No appenders could be found for category ( ry).
    log4j:ERROR Please initialize the log4j system properly.

    Client added %SYBASE$\shared-1_0\lib to System CLASSPATH and recycled host server and SYSAM and CIMRepository started correctly.
    Resolutions: 3rd party OS configuration Operating System configuration environment variables pointing to wrong librari workaround

    Problem Description:
    Despite configuring the EAServer redirector plugin correctly with IIS 5.0, a page served up by EAServer is not rendered to the browser. Rather a popup window appears asking if the user wants to download the file or open it. What needs to be done to eliminate the popup window and successfully render the page?
    Key Words: EA Server Jaguar

    Tip or Workaround:
    Chapter 9 of the EAServer 4.1 SysAdmin guide explains how to configure the EAServer redirector plugin with different web servers, including IIS. Step 4 of the IIS directions has one sentence at the end that states:

    "Enable read, log access, and execute permissions on the virtual directory."

    The instructions should specificially state to set Execute Permissions for both scripts and executables.

    Make sure the Execute Permissions field for the IIS 5 virtual directory used for EAServer pages has both scripts and executables as the choice, not just scripts.
    Resolutions: configuration documentation workaround

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