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    Unanswered: which system catalog view contains the backup information.

    Can anybody pls tell me which system catalog view contains the backup information. I know by using the file-structure or file name this can be evaluated, but I want to extract from system catalog tables.
    Thanks in advance

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    On DB2 for z/OS that would be sysibm.syscopy. However on DB2 for Unix, Linux, and Windows only the syscat views are documented and there is no syscat.syscopy view (or equivalent). I am not sure where that information is stored, such as in an undocumented sysibm table (without a syscat view) or somewhere else.

    You can of course use the "list history backup" command to get a list of backups taken.
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    The recovery history is stored in a file named db2rhist.asc dot something under the database path


    There is a backup file also, in case , one gets corrupt ..

    As an additional bit of info, whenever a backup is done, the recovery history information is also backed up and it is possible to restore only the recovery history file from the backup image (of course, the history will not be current, but still you have the option)


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