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    Unanswered: Oracle9i AS 9.0.2 R-2 Installation Issues

    I am installing a Middle Tier Instance against a Infrastructure Instance on Windows-2000. The infrastructure instance was installed successfully on the same node windows-2000 and all its services are well started & OK.

    When installing the Middle Tier of AS, the installaiton fails.......when OID screen appears.....The installation was done as per following steps:

    1. I selected to install "Business INtelligence & Forms" option of AS and selected to configure all the components at Component Configuration Page. Cliccked Next.
    2. Existing Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On screen appears. There i provided the HOST Name as (The fully qualified domain name of my HOST mchaine) and the default port as 7777. And clicked Next.
    3. Then Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Screen appears. The brings Host Name & Port by default as & 4032 respectively. And Username as cn=orcladmin. The password was specified for this username. And clicked Next.
    4. The Following Error Screen appears then and installation of Middle Tier Fails. The error is: "Unable to verify the connection to this OID Instance. Please verify your Hostname, Port, Username and Password or verify that your OID Service is running."

    I checked that my OID service is running OK. I even restarted it once again. I am not specifying the Host, Port & Username on this screen. It is coming by default. I checked my portlist.ini file in my InfraHome and confirmed that OID port for non-SSL is used as 4032.

    I do not know why this error is appearing. This is preventing me to go ahead with the installation. And why it is not able to authenticate OID service...or what is the error. I even checked the Log File which is generates during installation and noticed that it is not finding the OID service when it is querying for it. The Errro from the Log File is:
    Calling query RepositoryQueries2. OIDRunning
    oidHost =
    oidPort = 4032
    oidUser = *Protected value, not to be logged*
    oidPassword = *Protected value, not to be logged*
    Query returned : false
    Error :*** Alert: Unable to verify connection to this OID instance. Please verify your Host Name, Port, Username and Password or verify that the OID service is running. ***

    Can any one check this out & able to help me. I am totally in a fix and unable to install AS. And the whole setup is pending here. Please help me at the earliest.


    Kamesh Rasotgi
    - KR

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    Can you post the whole log (you can take out any sensitive information)? Or can you check if the is a javaw call just before the error?

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    Getting 9iAS R2 installed & configured is a royal PITA.
    It can be done, but not very easily.
    Doing so in Windoze is even more difficult than Unix because of the Reigistry.
    The mid-tier install is complicated if/when it is done on thesame system that contains the Infrastructure s/w.
    My advice is to 100% totally & completely REFORMAT this system; including OS!
    Start again with 9iSA R2 Infrastructure; but ALWAYS accept OUI's default!
    Start again with 9iSA R2 Mid-Tier; but ALWAYS accept OUI's default!
    If/when you accept the default choices made by OUI, the chances of it working increase.
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