Setup: Reports 9i

I find it hard to believe that a search for "report" on this form brings back nothing, but I did try. I also tried searching on MetaLink but couldn't find anything. Of course if anyone else finds a good document on this issue I am more than happy to go look at it so send the link along.

I have a report that prints fine as 1 page but as soon is a drag the repeating frame on to the next page in the layout editor I get the error:
:REP-1212: Object 'R_G_master_recipe_id' is not fully enclosed by its enclosing object 'Body'.

How do I increase the size of the body of the report? I have selected it in the object browser but as soon I try to click what I think is the edge in the layout editor R_G_master_recipe_id gets selected. I have tried playing with some settings for both body and R_G_master_recipe_id but have not been successful.