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    Unanswered: dblink question

    Hello all!

    I am rather stuck and am hoping someone can help. I am working on a project where users need to be able to send one query which will hit databases on multiple hosts (the database structures are the same) and tie the data back together again.

    After doing lots of reading it looks like dblink might be a great solution for this. After trying to insert dblink.sql into the database, I just get a series of errors:

    ERROR: stat failed on file '$libdir/dblink': No such file or directory

    Does anyone know how I can get around this error? Or is dblink not really a good solution for what I am trying to do? I am sure others out there have had to do similar tasks before so any advice that can be provided would be greatly appreciated!

    TIA for your time and reply!


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    did you compile the other part of dblink
    the dblink.sql did not find some functions

    read the README file
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