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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server Assertion: File: <recbase.cpp>, line=1374

    Checkdb reported errors against 1 index on 1 table in a database. When I try and fix the index, I get the message 'SQL Server Assertion: File: <recbase.cpp>, line=1374 (s sqldmp file is created). When I tried dropping the index and recreating, this also caused the Failed Assertion message. At this point I could not select any records from the database or copy the database to another source. Everything I tried produced the same error message. I was able to rename the table and recreate the database from another server.

    After rebooting the machine, I was able to add an index to the renamed table. I can't find any information to indicate what my problem might be.

    Has anyone else seen this behaviour and if so what was the resolution?

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    Assertions are commonly used as a debugging tool to test that conditions assumed to be true are never violated. Prior the assertion earlier programming-checks should provide that the assertion is actually not ever raised.
    Obviously something went wrong here.
    Unfortunately for you the message doesn't say that much about what exactly went wrong but assertion failures indicate that something deep inside is wrong. I'd advise you tp contact microsoft for further help.
    Not too long ago someone else also reported an assertion failure, which lead to some helpfull hints and tips but unfortunately the Search won't help me out.

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