Hi. First of all, I apologize for my grammar, since I am trying my best. I am not sure if this questions is related to the forum, but I will try to see if someone knows where to get a better answer or even better, if someone knows it.

I am generating a report from within Oracle Reports which consist of like 20 fields from two different tables. In Print Preview, I can see all the information I want and how it would be printed, but since we dont do the print by ourself here, we have to generate the report to some other printing file for the company that makes our prints, print it.

The problem raise when I get to generate this file. As everyone that has used Oracle Reports, in the File Menu, you can go to Generate to File, and there will be any type of file you could generate the report in. So, we are using the 'Delimited' using the char *. Well, Oracle seems to omits some fields when the generation is done somehow. I have been trying changing the char, changing the order of the report, and nothing seems to fix it. The problem only raise with this Delimited file type (which is a TXT), because with the other file types (XML, PDF, RTF, etc..) it works well.

The fields that gets omitted, are on a Repeating Frame, and I am wondering if this could be the problem. We really need to use this Delimited file type, or something like that, since the other file formats add their own attribute and tags which lead the information almost unlegible by the printer company, as they said.

So, anyone have a clue ? Suggestion or something that might lead me to an answer please?

Thank you all!