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    Unanswered: Selecting multiple values in a pick list?

    hi all!

    I am buidling an attendance module linked to employees records and I am trying to built a multiselect employees list box to allow a user to make more than one choice for multiple data entry. The main goal here is to be able to keep track of employees attendances in an easy-to-use form.

    The record source for the attendance form is a table which has info on each event and about 50 fields for attendees. The list box row source is an employees query (id number and name) that are invited to attend these events.

    I would like to somehow populate the multi selections in a temporary spot and once it is sorted, add them to the 50 fields of attendees for this event in the attendance table. Any ideas?

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    Well, what normally happens is that you create a button with an event that takes that selection and sticks it in a recordset.

    You will need to code a little VBA for this.

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