This is a two part problem:
We have four servers setup exactly the same. Each server has 3 publications (Master, Tablet, PDA). The Master publication contains all column and all tables in the database. The Tablet publication contains a static filter which allows only active job records and their associated records from other tables for tablet pc's. The PDA publication is also static filtered the same as the tablet but has fewer replicated tables and some of the table columns have been removed to save space on the PDA. We recently applied sp3a to our servers and then everything went wrong. We couldn't synchronize our tablets but our pda's synchronized fine. A ticket was opened with Microsoft and they furnished me with a hot fix. Now we could synchronize the tablets but something was wrong with my development environment and could not add or edit DTS packages. Microsoft was again called and they supplied another hot fix. Well now my development system is ok and we can synchronize the tablets but now have trouble synchronizing the pda's on three of the four servers. When we applied sp3a we also updated sql ce to the sp3 version. Has anyone else run into a similar problem. This brings me to the second part of my problem. During the process of dropping and adding publications I now have a lot of conflict tables with different names. (conflict_pub_table, aonflict_pub_table, bonflict_pub_table). I know that this is the way that Microsoft put this together but is there anyway to get rid of the conflict tables that are not being used since they are system tables.