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    Unanswered: Daft DTS Data Driven task question

    Hi, I'm trying to get a Data Driven DTS task to update a table based on a .csv source file. I've got a numeric ID Identity column (unique) to give me a record number, and I'm using the following code on the update query to try and update the relevant record:

    UPDATE [DR-TestDB].dbo.[Test - CustAddress]
    County = ?
    WHERE (ID = ?)

    The problem I'm getting is a conversion error from VarChar to Numeric when I run the task. I've tried using a type conversion in the transformation, but that doesn't appear to help.

    Anyone know the answer - I'll bet it's simple



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    Hmmm... ok, I seem to have resolved this - just rebuilt the task from scratch and it appears to have worked fine.

    Very strange.

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