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    CD-ROM and Internet database


    I would like to develop a catalogue which can be distributed on CD-ROM and also available on the internet. Both versions would be accessible through a web client (like Internet Explorer).

    So I am asking You for some suggestions, which DB system, or development environment is convinient for this case.

    Also I want the catalogue on CD to be executable without any instalation. Just Insert CD and run.

    Thanx for your suggestions.

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    Well ... The best way to distribute such a catalog would be through a CSV or a tab delimited text file ... that can be imported to any database by the user as is availible with him .
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    I have seen a CD, which had both .exe and .data files burnt on it. And this .exe was an lightweight HTML-server + database program. But I don't know anything about the technolocy used. But I know, it's possible!

    Cheers, Bill

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    How generic do you really want this CD to be? Do you only need to have "Wintell" compatibility, or do you want to include Macs, Linux machines, etc?

    The "Wintell" platform is relatively easy, especially if all of your data can fit on a single CD-ROM or DVD.

    A large database accessible by nearly any client would be tougher! While this could be done, the challenge could be rather significant!


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