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    Question Unanswered: Simple linking question.

    I use Access all the time and don't know anything about Sybase. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to link to Sybase tables? If I don't have Sybase installed, am I missing the necessary files to create an ODBC link?

    I was working at a site where Sybase was installed, and I stumbled around blindly and was able to eventually connect to the tables by the following.

    1) From access, selected link tables
    2) when given dialogue box for file name and path I chose file type : odbc
    3) Select Data source displayed allowing me to select a file data source or machine data source.
    4) sorry I don't recall the rest.

    Now I'm working at a place where Sybase is not installed, thus no drivers or other ancillary files.

    I have the Sybase file, but how can I link to the tables? Do I need to download drivers or dlls or what?

    Thanks a milllion
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    First of all, you ned to install Sybase Open Client + Sybase ODBC.

    Then you need to configure the ODBC driver.
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