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    Unanswered: Can UDB 8.1 Admin Client co-exist with UDB 7.2 Fixpack 10 on Windows PC ?

    We are installing UDB 8.1 FP 5 on one of the other AIX Servers. I will like to remote administer it thru my PC which already has UDB 7.2 FP 10 ADMIN Client on it.
    Can I install UDB 8.1 Admin Client on that PC too and will both work at the same time ??

    I know that UDB 8.1 admin client is backward compatible with UDB 7.2 FP 8 server.

    thanks for your help
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    I don't think so, but if you get it to work, please let us know.
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    Reply from IBM

    DB2 version 7 and 8 clients can not be installed together on the same Windows PC. Though it is possible to install multiple releases of DB2 on the same Unix client, the Windows client shares dll names between the two versions and can not co-exist. If you install a version 8 client over an existing version 7 client on Windows, the version 7 client will be upgraded to version 8.

    Additionally, though a DB2 version 8 client is backwards compatible with a version 7 server, and a version 7 client may communicate with a version 8 server, there are several restrictions on this functionality, which are documented in Appendix A, "Incompatibilities between releases" in the version 8 Administration Guide: Planning. This document may be found in .pdf format at . For maximum compatibility between a version 8 client and a version 7 server, the version 7 server should be upgraded to FixPak 8 and the db2updv7 scripit should be run against each version 7 database on that server. This will create a number of built in UDFs and routines as well as add additional columns to the system catalog tables that are required by a version 8 client. The limitations described in the Appendix, however, will still apply.

    Although the limitations documented in the above guide do not specifically state as such, a version 7 Administration Client can not remotely administer a version 8 server. Likewise, a version 8 Administration Client can not remotely administer a version 7 server. Since the majority of the admin client activity against a remote server is performed via the Control Center, this is more implied, that directly stated, by the documented restriction listed on page 216 in the Appendix which states that a version 8 Control Center installation only supports a version 8 server (though it is still possible to connect to a version 7 server from within Control Center and sample the table contents, you can not "control" that remote database or table in any way). In order to perform remote administration, the major release level of the client must match the major release level of the DAS server. If your DAS is version 8, then the admin client must also be version 8. If the DAS is running version 7, the DAS must also be version 7. If you attempt to remotely administer an incompatible release level server, an error will be received that may differ somewhat dependent upon the action that is being attempted. Examples of common errors that may be observed are SQL1325N and SQL22212N messages.

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