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    Senior Oracle DBA Contracting Rate?

    Here's a question for Senior Oracle DBA Contractors currently working. What's the rate you would charge, depending on regional cost of living, etc. to do Oracle DBA contracting where you covered your own expenses and benefits? [Assuming you were married with two children]

    Thanks for your time.


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    There are way too many factors in the way I priced jobs to give you any kind of set scale. I based the cost on the work that I expected needed to be done, but with a VERY high premium for exlusive work (if they wouldn't allow me to work for others at the same time).

    The market is changing drastically, and the amount of work needed for varioius jobs varies wildly. I can't think of any simple way to manage pricing, it would have to be done job-by-job the way I'm used to doing it.


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