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    Unanswered: GOING ON Vaction NEED HELP ASAP

    I have a report that uses a cross tab qry as its basis.

    My crosstab qry returns no records, (it should this month), but that causes an error with one of my txtboxes on the form its data control source is =Sum([Misc]) the qry doesnt retrurn anyrows so this give me a msgbox:

    The microsof jet database engine does not recoginze 'misc' as a valid field name or expression.
    misc would be an expense type from the xtab qry any help im in huge trbl
    the cross tab qryr :

    TRANSFORM Sum(qryRERaySelect.SumOfInvoiceAmount) AS SumOfSumOfInvoiceAmount
    SELECT qryRERaySelect.Deal, Sum(qryRERaySelect.SumOfInvoiceAmount) AS [Total Of SumOfInvoiceAmount]
    FROM qryRERaySelect
    GROUP BY qryRERaySelect.Deal
    PIVOT qryRERaySelect.ExpenseType;

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    solution was simple enter a record for 0.00 so the qry returns 0 instead of null

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