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    Unanswered: -w "" 's and trailing backslash

    question for folks: I've tried setting the working directory in a shortcut to paradox 7 howeve I'm running into the following problem: I can have a trailing slash on the working directory if the path is left unqouted (e.g., doesn't contain any spaces), but if I put spaces around the working directory path I can't have a trailing backslash. Does anyone know of a solution to this? I'm trying to use installshield to create this shortcut and the [installdir] variable in installshield automatically inserts a trailing slash.

    as I want my source data/tables/scripts/etc., to be in program files I also need to quote the working directory and that's where the problems are.
    help appreciated.

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    I think you should ask InstallShield how to remove the trailing slash!

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