I am trying to run a DTS Package lying on the DB Server through an ASP, which is lying on the WebServer.

The DTS Package is trying to access some files on the Hard Disk.

When I run the package directly by right clicking and executing the package through SQL Server Enterprise, it looks for the files on the DB Server. But when I run the package through the ASP, it looks for the files on the web server.
Net Net:What is happening is that the DTS Package is looking for the files on the Webserver instead of the database Server.

The active X Script which is contained in the DTS package looks like this:
'************************************************* *********************
' Visual Basic ActiveX Script
'************************************************* ***********************
Function Main()
Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success
Dim obScript,oFSO,x
Set obScript = CreateObject("csscript.script")
Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set a=oFSO.OpenTextFile( "D:\Comshare\IntradayLeafLevel\test.out",2,tru e,0)
a.Writeline("Writing to the file...")

Also the logging of the DTS Package is being made on the webserver( Which mentions it didnt find the file as it looks for the file on the web server)
Is there some setting which would enable the DTS Package to point to the Database machine instead of the web server?