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    Red face Unanswered: Server Crashing with Mutiple database

    I got a server that Crashed. My network group was able to get it up and running but it's vary fragile. One of the disk is done. What's the best way to get the my database:tables,views,stored procedured,dts packages, jobs off the bad server without crashing it again? I used the databae copy utility but found out that some of the database are replicated and it wont allow it to copy.


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    In this situation, migrate data from systables would certainly help.

    tables,views -- Use DTS or select into
    stored procedured -- syscomments
    dts packages -- msdb..sysdtspackages
    jobs -- msdb..sysjobs

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    moving databases

    backup/restore by default (without KEEP_REPLICATION) drops replication information. The safest way is to restore from you last backup and recreate the replication.

    If you do not want to run SQL Server on the bad server, you may copy / attach the .ldf and .mdf files, use EM to script the "non-functioning replication", use backup / restore to remove the replication and then edit and run the replication script.

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