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    Unanswered: Clicking on value in combo box and going straight to that record

    Hello all,

    I've set up a combo box, with a list of Name values from another table (I used the wizard to do this). Now I need to figure out how to either:

    a) Have the user click on their chosen name in the list and then the corresponding record will immediately appear;


    b) Have the user click on their chosen name, then click on a button that will, when clicked, make the corresponding record appear.

    Any suggestions? I realise that it would require coding, and most likely in an OnClick control, but I just don't know quite how to do it myself. Any help or alternative suggestions are much appreciated.

    - Grace

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    Hi graceadair

    Check below, I rigged up a sample db for you to check out with just what you asked about. Mind you I did it fast but it should help. Look behind the scenes and check it out. Later tonight I will write the step by step process of how I did it if you still need help. It opens up to the form to use right away and is based on 2 tables. Didn't use the query this time, but did use the query on the other form in the program. Well, time to get outta here and hope this helps you out. Also, check your earlier posts as I try to give you short helper examples of what you are trying to accomplish, rather than just tell you. Also, try posting samples here to get your particular situation resolved much sooner. Someone on here will surely be able to help.

    bye for now...
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    You may also want to try adding a combo box with the wizard enabled. One of the wizard options is "Find a record on my form that matches the control" which will accomplish what you want.

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