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    Unanswered: Trouble Adding Dbspaces

    I am having trouble adding dbspaces to my database. I am trying to add several new dbspaces in order to create a database. When I try to add them I eventually get an 'Error opening file' on the logical volume I am trying to add them to even though dbspaces already exist on the volume. The volume is not close to being full and I have check the onspaces commands and there is no overlay between the dbspaces. Currently I have 560 dbspaces defined to the instance. The don't see any messages related to this in the online or the Unix system log.
    Sometimes I can add about 30 before getting the error and then I start getting af files that show and I/O error on an extent. I drop the dbspace that the extent is in and the problem goes away. Has anybody seen anything like this and what did you do to remedy it? I am running version 7.31 FD6 on HP-UX 11.0.

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    I think that is a problem you have much dbspaces, because the operating system assign one file descriptor for each of the chunks.
    I think that check the parameters the operating system as nfile, nproc, maxusers, maxfiles, ....

    Please check the size the rootdbspace and the chunk free list page.


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