I have a question that might be as simple as telling me the command to use or just saying it can't be done.

A client of ours has a legacy system;

QNX Operating System 4.25b
Watcom SQL database 4.0C

The problems is quite simple;

The .db file was lost but the .dbs (dbspace) files were kept.

I have made a new .db file from an ASCII dump that was done from the old .db file and this new database is running. There was no ASCII dump of the tables in the .dbs files.

Q. How can I access the data in the old .dbs files, which have been kept, so I can put that data in new .dbs files. Or how can I attach the old .dbs files to the new .db?

Thanks in advance,

G r a n t M o r l e y 8^)
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