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    Unanswered: (C:\)Forms not connecting to DB (db on F:\)


    I have forms 6i installed on C:\ and Oracle 9i Databse installed on F:\

    Its allowing me to access the db properly thru sqlplus with user/pwd@hoststring fasion. but the same is not happenig with forms.

    There are other oralce hosts on other drive of laptop. BUt i ahve made the same entry for my hoststring in all hte tnsnames.ora files there on the laptop.

    still its not able to connect wtih thedatabase. it says - cant resolve the hoststring. The meaning of hte error is clear to me. But i dont understand why such an error is happenign whe n i have entered the hoststring def inall the thsnames...

    thanks in advance for replies

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    >I have forms 6i installed on C:\ and Oracle 9i Databse installed on F:\
    By loading two different Oracle products on the same PC,
    you have two ORACLE_HOME trees and two TNSNAMES.ORA files.
    If/when the TNSNAMES.ORA file under the Forms tree does not contain
    an entry for the database, then Forms can't locate the DB;
    even though it is right next door.
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