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    Unanswered: Queries in Developer 2000

    Hi there, I have an application designed and implemented in Developer 2000. In which I have been given the task to modify a query so the results of the report are different. Basically this application provides a report (invoices) from a query that include cancelled orders and all I need to do is add a clause not to include cancelled orders. However, I have very little experience in Developer and am short on time, therefore could someone help in where to go to in Reports Builder to allocate the query in question and modify it. I understand I have to compile this report to create runtime version. If this is not as simple as this then please let me know so I can read up further and by myself some more time!...Thanks

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    You can access the sql statement of an oracle report a few different ways.

    1) Expand the Report tree, Expand Data Model, Expand Queries, Double click the query you need to work with, and in the Property Palette double click the SQL Query Statement. This will open a query window.

    2) Right click on the report at the top of the tree, choose Report Editor, and double click the top Node (blue box) which is the graphical representation of the SQL query.


    Attached is a picture of what it will look like.
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