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    Unanswered: how set length of field that doesn't allow nulls

    I am using pervasive 2000i and
    using the table designer I created a table which
    has two fields both not allowing null values i.e
    firstname 10 characters not null
    surname 10 characters not null

    then when I save the table the length is NOT 20
    btreive set's it to 22 or 24

    but Had I created the above table where both the fields
    can be null the size is 20

    How can I get round with creating a table which has the above fields
    but both can't be null and size to be 20????

    THis is urgent As the data files have been generated by CLIENT and I need the define the ddfs properly.
    This pervasive product is giving me so much hassle.

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    Create Table Name (firstname char(10) not null, surname char(10) not null) creates a table that has a 20 byte record and does not allow nulls from the ODBC interface for me. If you've got other fields and they do not have the NOT NULL keywords and do not have the True Null Byte Indicator, then the record structure could be off.
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