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    Unanswered: MSAccess -----> SQL Server

    I'm using MSAccess 2k as a front end to a SQL Server 2k database.

    I have a user set up in SQL Server to be database owner for a specific database.

    Using NT authentication.

    Using ADO.

    The MSAccess application executes a store procedure on the SQL Server that (1) deletes a tables if it exists, (2) creates and populates a table (the owner shows up in Enterprise Manager as the user name) and then (3) uses the table (read) in a join to do some other processing.

    The (1) delete works fine.
    The (2) table is created and populated fine.
    On (3) the Select (inner join) to do the aditional processing I get an error message that the table name used is an invalid object.

    If I create the table as sa separately and in the store procedure, instead of deleting, creating and populating the table I merely truncate the table and then repopulate it, everything works fine.

    I would prefer to not have the table sitting around the database all the time.

    Anyway, I'd like to figure out why the table is causing a problem.

    Any ideas?


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    Just a thought...

    It might not work because MS might have assigned a registry key for that table and when you delete and recreate you get a new reg key value so even though it appears the same its different?


    sir gary

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