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    Cool MySQL or Access?

    Hi, I'm writing a web tool for my colleagues to submit data to a database of my choosing in my company's intranet. However, the data is rather sensitive and I was wondering Access or MySQL is more secure in terms of security. Or is there a difference between the two?

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    No Qestion

    There is no question, MySQL is definitely the DBMS you want to use. You can setup your own user/user privileges on the DBMS level. ACCESS is just simple tool to manipulate simple lists of data.

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    Both tools (MySQL and MS-Access) can be secure with a competent admin. There are lots more competent admins for MS-Access than there are for MySQL. MySQL is somewhat easier to learn to secure, especially since there are lots fewer well trained attackers.

    In the long run, you are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Neither is inherantly secure, both can be secured if you do them right. Other products such as MS-SQL, DB2, and Oracle can be configured more securely, more easily.


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