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    Unanswered: sql client networking alias dissapears

    I have a network of all win2000 machines. The server is win2000 and is a domain controller running sql 2000. I've been having intermittent problems with our software staying connected to sql and found that installing the sql client networking package fixes it. The problem I'm having is that users with admin rights work just fine, but users with just user rights aren't. I set up client neworking by moving named pipes above tcp and setting the alias to the sql server but the user machines doesn't remember the alias.
    Here's a list of what I've tried:

    log in as admin and enter alias

    create .reg file of proper registry settings and import but got a key is in use error, cannot import registry

    created shortcut to cmd and set shortcut to run as diff user, log in as admin, run .reg file, imports fine, alias still missing in user computer.

    Any ideas what might make the alias not stick? The users cannot install software and there might be some other security setting or restriction keeping it from sticking but I have yet to find it.

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    Can you ping the server? Try pinging with both the server name and IP address. See what name you get back on the ping. It needs to match the name of the server.

    ping -a
    ping -a servername

    Also, log onto SQL Server and run IPConfig /all. Make sure the server is listed correctly.

    You can also run nbtstat -c and see what machines are cached for each client.

    This should give you an idea if it's a network problem, which it sounds like to me. Also, you shouldn't need named pipes at all. Matter of fact, you should disable it and not have any more protocols then absolutely necessary.
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    For some reason, the software we use requires named pipes and it was the software manufacturer that told me to set up the client with named pipes first on the list, above tcp/ip. We're a trucking company and the software manages the dispatching of the trucks, manages loads for pickup, and GPS and email for the devices in the trucks so we can track them.

    I can ping the server fine, by name and ip. nbtstat shows the sql server in the list. the sql server's ipconfig info looks good as well. I'm pretty sure it's not a network problem, but more of a user access rights problem since people with admin rights work fine but limited user accounts lose the alias. I just can't figure out what would make a user lose the alias. Thanks for the info though and I'm still digging myself.

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