I am guessing this has something to do with the JDBC driver and the way it works with the Sun JVM. The reason I believe this is due to some test with a a small driver. When I run using an IBM JVM, there is not problem. I run with the Sun JDK I get the problem describe below. Application and classpath are the same with both tests, only the java executable is different.

I am using a Sun 1.4.2 JDK from Win XP and the db2jcc.jar type 4 driver attempting to access a DB2 7.1 database running in OS/390. Each time I run I receive the following exception:

SQLException caught sending request:unsupported encoding Cp037

The type 4 driver trace facility shows that returned data is encoded as EBCDIC, character set cp037. When running with a Sun JVM this throws an exception, however, when I run the same application with an IBM JVM, there is no problem.

Can anyone suggest a work around?