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    Smile Unanswered: Informix Backup Problem

    Dear all Informix gurus

    I am quite new for informix database while now I'm responsible to administration of Informix database. And now I have a problem with Informix On-BAR backup.
    In 'onconfig' file, the current configuration is as below

    TAPEDEV /dev/rmt0
    LTAPEDEV /dev/null

    When I fire command 'onbar -b -L0', the output is nice and no problem generated in bar_act.log file. But when I need to backup logical log file with command 'onbar -l', the output is as below

    Log backup to device '/dev/null' not allowed

    What should I do? Do I need to change LTAPEDEV value from /dev/null to /dev/rmt0 (which is tape device).

    Thank you for advanced

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    Modify LTAPEDEV from /dev/null to non /dev/null
    Beijing China

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    TAPEDEV if for db backup
    LTAPEDEV is for logical logs backup
    you can change LTAPEDEV without bouncing the informix server
    Yves & Willy

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